Monday, 19 September 2011

getting to that time

As the title suggests, it's getting to that time of year where everyone starts getting sick and we have to be more careful than normal. My brother has a stinking chest infection which I really hope to avoid and lots of friends have varying degrees of cold/flu. Joy! I'm not 1 to completely avoid people, I just try not to get too close if I can avoid it.

IVs went pretty well, happy to say my line lasted the course, although it tried pretty damn hard to stop working. I was just willing it on every time it was time for another dose. LF was up in the end to where it was when the IVs were first suggested so just hoping it's still there or higher when I'm next at clinic.

Sinuses have taken a hissy fit, bleeding and causing lots of pain and I'm trying to reduce my movicol too but tum is hurting and think I might have a touch of gastritis again too. Ouchie! I normally take 1 movicol 3 days a week, but had increased it to every day before the IVs then up to 4 a day half way through. Trying to reduce it is difficult, but I'm down to 2 a day now and hopefully I'll get down to 1 in the next couple of days too :)

As for everything else...well, nothing is really happening if I'm honest...pretty bored, in need of more piano students and trying to find things to keep me occupied while I'm living myself.

Gutted to find out that my friend Alan isn't going to be listed for new lungs, after nearly a year of trying to get on the list and being told on numerous occasions that he was being listed :( keep going Alan! I hope everyone else is keeping well? x