Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Lagan Love

So, yesterday I joined a ladies singing group called Vivace. I think there are 8 ladies who meet every week to sing with the aim to performing in festivals and at weddings etc. I've recorded myself singing the tune to My Lagan Love which is an Irish folk song. I'm slightly embarrassed about posting a link to it on here as it is terrible quality and not my best singing either (just can't get the first few words of each verse to sound nice!!!) but hey, I need to get over myself and stop being so embarrassed to perform, and you're all a nice bunch so seems a decent place to start. There were slightly better recordings but I had horrible throat clearing and coughing so they're no good! Damn CF has been ruining my performances all my life lol.

I also recorded myself singing and playing Brahms "Der Tod, das ist die kuhle nacht" but it's even worse quality and it goes very high so makes your speakers do that nasty buzzing that happens when a track hasn't been edited properly, or the performer has been too close to the mic (both of which are true in my case because the only place to put the laptop is right next to the piano and I can't remember how to work editing software....naff)

Please send thoughts to my family, and prayers if you're that way inclined. My step-cousin has been missing since 2am on Friday. Mountain Rescue, divers, police, everyone is looking for him and so far no luck other than his wallet. It's a terrible time but people have been so supportive to my Uncle Malcolm and David's mum Donna. It really is awful though, he's only 18 and just started studying at Stirling Uni in October :(

Friday, 18 January 2013

busy doing nothing?

Yesterday was clinic day. I hadn't been feeling my best the last few weeks after the cold from hell, with horrible chest tightness and coughing up lots of icky crap, but ramping up the exercise has obviously done the trick because lung function was only down 1%! yay! It was a very boring clinic actually, but that's usually a good sign that things are fairly stable. I got a new drug for my tummy called prucalopride (or resolor) which is a drug for adult women with chronic constipation who don't respond well enough to laxative therapy. Not a CF drug really but my friend was prescribed it by a gastro doc and the cf team jumped on it when they found out how well she was doing with it. I'm not gonna lie though, the headache is immense, and the dizziness, slightly numb mouth and nausea are pretty yuck so it better work!!

January is definitely the month for trying to get life back on track. This morning I have been on the phone to the bank setting up a payment plan to start repaying some debt. I've also filed a tax return and have nothing to pay (thank god, cause don't know where the money was coming from!) As I said I've ramped up the exercise, given myself a good kick in the butt and made myself get on with it, which is hard when all you want to do is stay in bed. I decided to run another 10k so started training for it last week (it's in 16 weeks, eek!) and it's been tough. Arran is not flat, it just isn't, everywhere you turn there's another hill, so running there is quite challenging, but as I said it's done my lungs the world of good because the more I clear from my chest the less tight it feels and the less I cough the rest of the day. Fionn has been running with me and trying to kill me in the process! The first day out he thought it was a game and kept running at me and jumping right up at me which nearly sent me flying every time, but now he just puts things down ahead of me and picks them up again just before I land on top of him. He obviously likes the thrill of nearly being stood on...weirdo.

We are still trying to find a way to buy the house we are living in, which is causing no end of stress, but think we might be getting somewhere after I had a meeting with a mortgage advisor yesterday and should start reapplying on Monday. All it means though is that I need to become a domestic goddess and get the house tidied for a survey...I am no domestic goddess, no matter how much I try and kid on I am...our house is a tip (apart from my teaching room, cause I'd die if people thought I was as messy as I actually am lol) so I'm gonna need to get cracking on that.

Next week I am judging Arran Young Musician/Singer of the Year....kill me now lol, and in March the Arran Music Festival is happening. I have a young singing pupil and a piano pupil both wanting to enter competitions taking place during the festival and James is making me enter (although I hope to enter the only non-competitive class). I have had some interest from people wanting lessons just so they can enter the festival competitions too, which is a bit weird but fair enough I suppose. My Saturday teaching sessions are starting to cause bother for pupils. They all want the early slots so they have the rest of the day but I can only teach 1 person at a time and the morning sessions are all gone! I think I'll be losing 2 in the next few weeks probably because they come from 1-2 and having tried it for 6 months are not happy with staying at that time. I can't take them another day unless they want to get the ferry to Arran, and actually to be honest I think the young boy wants to stop his lessons anyway. He keeps telling me how much he hates coming and how he wants to be at home lol. I just keep telling him I feel exactly the same and if he doesn't sit down and get on with it I'm gonna cancel his lessons for him. We definitely have a love/hate relationship, but it's quite entertaining.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you are all fine and dandy :)