The CF

As anybody who reads this blog will already know, I have CF (cystic fibrosis).

I also have other associated conditions, including asthma, CF-related sinus disease, CF-related arthropathy, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Distal Intestinal Obstruction Syndrome (DIOS) and bronchiectasis.

All of these things mean that I have to take a cocktail of drugs every day in order to function normally.


Creon 10,000 - with food. 1 per 5g of fat (enzymes to digest fat)
Acetylcysteine 600mg - 3 per day (breaks down mucus in the bowel)
Prucalopride 1mg - daily (bowel motility drug)
Azithromycin 500mg - Mon, Wed, Fri (antibiotic)
Omeprazole 20mg - 2 per day (PPI for reflux)
Arcoxia 30mg - daily (NSAID for joint pain)
Cod liver oil 1000mg - daily (to help keep joints supple)
Cranberry extract - 3 per day (to stop urinary tract infection)

During 3rd trimester of pregnancy I'm using Humalog which is a type of fast acting insulin for diabetes


Salbutamol inhaler - bronchodilator
Seretide 50/500 inhaler - steroid and long lasting bronchodilator
Salbutamol nebuliser - bronchodilator (stronger than inhaler)
DNase - breaks down mucus in the lungs
Nebusal 7% - hypertonic saline to hydrate the mucus in the lungs/sinuses and help it move


These are the antibiotics I normally use to fight infection.

Septrin (co-tromixazole)
Ceftazidime IV
Tobramycin IV

Occasionally we throw something else in to mix things up a bit.


These are drugs that I have as back up incase things start to go wrong.

lactulose/movicol/kleanprep/gastrograffin - laxatives in various strengths
Flixonase nasules - stronger steroid drops for sinuses
fluconazole - anti-fungal to treat thrush from all the antibiotics
gaviscon - if acid reflux is not being controlled by my normal treatments


As well as all these things, CF patients have to do chest physiotherapy every day to clear the mucus from their lungs. I use a couple of simple devices to help with mine, as well as the nebulised medications.

PEP - positive expiratory pressure - provides pressure to splint the airways open
Flutter valve - oscillates to shake mucus out

It doesn't seem so much until you see it written down! However, it's part of my life and needs must ;)

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