Friday, 27 August 2010

blood sugars

I don't wanna jinx it but I think they might have come back down...

back to band!!

I received a facebook message at the beginning of the week from my old trumpet teacher asking me to join a local wind band that he started last I went. I hadn't touched my trumpet in 5 years and was a bit concerned about how my chest would react, but it was fine, my lips died long before my chest lol. I have to say though that I'm glad I had the IVs before hand though cause thinking about how I was I know it would've been a lot harder on me.

We are playing at both the National Concert Band Festival and the Scottish Concert Band Festival, in November and December, and big Friel (or Alan, as he shall be known from now on...we used to call him Friel instead...Alan Friel, you know how it goes...) has decided that we will play 2 completely different!!! My sister joined as well. She plays French Horn and just left school so isn't nearly as out of practise as me, but I think I did ok considering.

So far we have been given 5 pieces, including a medley of songs from Wicked! SWEET! There's not much point in mentioning any other pieces as I don't know them yet and I doubt anybody else does either lol...Schostakovitch and Eric Whitacre etc, nah. Although I will say that our only slow piece so far is an absolute stunner :)

That's me, done, had my ramble about band, feel like I'm 15 again. All I need now is a residential weekend and a competition and I'll be right back there! Although I'll miss out the vodka this time cause a trip to the headteachers office is not on the cards for me now...haha, good times! Not the getting caught part, but the part before that ;)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


A very original title...I'm rubbish with titles.

James and I enjoyed our wee holiday :) He enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to leave. James in his element = chopping wood all day for the fire and going long, extremely taxing walks which left me knackered and wanting to cry lol. On the plus side, I felt a bit fitter when I got home than when I left. There's  not really a lot to say about the holiday other than it was quiet, partly relaxing, partly knackering, pretty and different :) We spent a day on Bute which was nice and Rothesay is a pretty town. Fudge (the dog) really enjoyed herself too, she loved the walks! She was extremely well behaved and thought she was the queen for sleeping on the couch every night...sneeky. I don't have any pics at the moment as they're on my dads computer but when I get them I shall post a few.

I'm feeling now that I would really like a Monday - Friday job. Working til 10.15pm is not good for anybody, it's far too tiring, and then coming home and not sleeping properly just makes the next day workikng til 10.15pm even harder! I would've done anything to get home at 7pm last night lol. I'm also not keen on the fact that I'm working this whole weekend while James is off and 1 of my best friends, Leeanna, is going to South Korea for a year on Monday and I will only see her briefly on Saturday night as I'm working at 7.15am on Saturday and Sunday mornings! gutted. Normally I would sense a cancellation of a shift so that we could go out properly, but I have no money from being in hospital and if I cancel then I will have even less money next month! GAH!

My chest is feeling a lot better. I think, even though in terms of spirometry figures there wasn't much change, that the change in how my chest felt had been so gradual that I hardly noticed until the pain started. I find my left lung is still more productive than the right and it still looks pretty infected but who knows. That could just be the staph making it look that way. I suppose I'll find out when I'm next putting a sample in.

Hope everyone is keeping as well as can be :) x

Friday, 13 August 2010

holiday time!

James and I are going away tomorrow :) We've been looking forward to it for ages and it's finally here...shame it'll be over in a flash. We're heading slightly north west to a place called Tighnabruaich, west of Dunoon, across from Bute, should be good! The cottage has no electricity so I have an inverter for the car so I can use my nebulisers lol. It'll be back to the olden times for us, heating the water using a log fire and getting light from oil lamps and candles, but it'll be fun, I'll just need to make sure I don't get too close to the fire or I'll be coughing like mad.

Yesterday is the first time I haven't wakened with a mega wheez in a while which was nice. I have been sleeping terribly and have this tickly feeling at the top of my's not quite the back of my throat, it's lower than that, makes me want to cough quite a bit but I'm putting it down to using nebs 3 times a day as that's quite new for me. I'm totally amazed by how well the h.saline is working, it's the first time in who knows how long that I've been able to physio properly cause it's not so sticky down there. Only thing I don't like is how long it takes my chest to settle again after it. I've been coughing on and off for a couple of hours after, still coughing up disgusting green junk. Ew. Oh, and my tummy STILL hasn't settled properly which is causing me greif and I might need to phone the nurses after my holiday to see what they suggest. If I stop my movicol I get blocked in less than a day, but if I take it regularly I'm ending up going the other way after a few days...I dunno what to do about it.

Anyway, boring stuff aside, I'm going on holiday!!!! It's finally sunny and warm so here's hoping it stays that way for at least a couple of days. I'm not gonna be chopping the wood so I actually don't care lol. It's my sisters birthday today and my mums on Monday, so we're having a BBQ tonight at mum and dads. I love scoring free dinners cause we're quite poor at the moment.

James got back into uni :) He's going to do PGDE English. This time next year he'll be a part qualified secondary english teacher :D go James! He'll make a fantastic teacher, he's basically always in teacher mode anyway, correcting everybody's grammer and spelling mistakes etc...nightmare.

I hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying life as much as possible. I know the CF community has had some losses this week which saddens me deeply, but I try not to let it get into my head too much cause I find it difficult to claw myself back when I get too down. I just hope the people left behind know how much we all want the best for them and how many people love them xxx

Thursday, 5 August 2010

IV free

All I can say is thank god for that! I have my arm back and it doesn't itch anymore from the dressings and bandage.

I finished the IVs yesterday morning and started neb colomycin and oral cipro lastnight. I can't say I'm overly pleased at having to wear sun cream because of a bloody tablet but heyho, anything is fine if it means my chest gets better. I'm pretty sure I did my nebs too close together though cause my right lung was mega rumbly and had me coughing for ages afterwards, so will need to try and come up with a system that allows more time in between. It'll be hard on work days unfortunately but maybe just give the saline a miss then. Still monitoring my blood sugars too and they seem to be a bit all over the place. I can't eat enough in the morning to keep them up before lunch and then they're high after dinner. Meh, just need to wait and see what they have to say about it, no point dwelling on it, it's fine.

Health worries aside, I had an interview this morning :) I think it went pretty well, they seemed happy with how I answered their questions and hopefully found me to be pleasant enough! I hope I get it, cause the part time rotas are worked out so that you work about 3 days a week, and the rota I was shown seemed to be maybe a back shift onto sleep over onto early, then a short shift, followed by 4 off or something. Obviously it's changable and the sleep over bit might be a nightmare but will just need to drag all my meds with me - if I get it that is.