Tuesday, 10 May 2011

annual review

Thought I'd write this post while I remember (almost) everything that was talked about!

Ok, so lung function went really well. Although my numbers have dropped, my predicted numbers have also dropped so I've basically stayed the same. I didn't manage to get a sample (goodness only knows why, chest isn't exactly clear, just stubborn) so had a cough swab instead. Physio went pretty well too, didn't manage to walk as far as last year but there's not a huge change. I got a weird headache half way through which shot my heart rate up and put my sats down a tad, but it resolved and everything went back to normal. I definitely felt more breathless than last year as well. Dietician said the usual really - need to stop losing weight, try and get tummy back under control and do a food diary.

Dr is referring me to ENT again as they said I didn't attend my last appointment, but I didn't get one through :( She's also referring me to rheumatology to see if I need anything stronger for my joints. They're not always bad but they've flaired up just now so she started me on naproxen twice a day as well. I'm getting much better at giving blood! So proud lol. Managed first time and I didn't have a freak out :)

I'm told I need to get better at doing physio. I'm doing enough exercise apparently but just not enough physio. I get a complete mental block with physio, hate it, can't seem to always make myself do it, even when I know I need it. Think I need to do some psychological work with myself lol.

Nothing else really to talk about, life is just rolling on as normal...dunno if that's good or not lol.

Anyway, I'm tired now and have a piano lesson to do for a new student, so I'm gonna shoot!

Monday, 2 May 2011

not a lot to say...

...but I've abandoned you long enough, journal!

It's official, James and I are moving again. Nightmare, but hopefully it'll be worth it. We have managed to land ourselves a cottage with garage and quite a large garden, 2 double bedrooms, large bathroom and an even larger kitchen. Excited! It's not as modern inside as our flat is but what we lose in terms of furnishings, we gain with all the extras :)

Apart from that, nothing much is happening to be honest. I'm tired and emotional, mainly grumpy, have been for a few weeks now. My tummy is causing me so much stress that I have considered stopping eating completely. My chest hurts when I cough and all my muscles hurt too. Sinus blood this morning, marvellous. Annual review on the 17th...would really like to last til then but I'm getting so fed up of still not feeling right. Still so dizzy I could fall over - thankfully, when it's worst I'm lying down so I've avoided lots of bruises!

Body, you are doing my head in!

All that aside, I'm still working, still trying to get more piano students. The weather has been fantastic, I've been enjoying it so much. Hope everyone is feeling good xx