Thursday, 8 December 2011

short video

The video above is of me playing Greensleeves...but it hardly sounds like Greensleeves, which is why I like it. Consider it a Christmas present (if you like it), or consider it pointless nonsense (if you don't). Apologies for the poor quality, I couldn't be bothered to fix the lighting and I don't have an external mic for my laptop so the sound is ropy in places.

I wouldn't normally want people to hear me play, especially something that's not technically challenging, but hey ho, it's Christmas, and I really need to just get over myself sometimes :)

I can't really think what to write 'cause I can't really remember what's been happening!

Panto went really well, especially considering the not so pleasant circumstances surrounding it. Only thing I will say is it wasn't as cold outside this year as last, so while the hall was a slightly more pleasant temperature at the beginning of each performance, by the end it was roasting and gave me a beasting sinus headache every night without fail. They get particularly bad if it's too warm, probably down to slight dehydration.

My financial situation has picked up a bit too, thank goodness! I got a lovely tax rebate which will pay my tax bill, I'm due money from the council which should be enough to pay my national insurance bill, and I finally got housing money sorted out. What a nightmare it's been though, the council can expect a big complaint letter, written by James on my behalf (cause he's better at stuff like that). They have literally messed up at every stage, and have driven me to insanity.

I was really feeling unwell the other week after the kleanprep, probably the crappest I've felt in a wee while. I'm putting it down to not being properly cleared out and also the stress of trying to deal with morons. But anyway, I broke my own rule at zumba that week. Normally, even if I feel really rubbish and can't stop coughing, I still do the full class (well, as much as possible) but take it easy, but this time resulted in me sobbing in the toilet with a green/grey face and dry wretching over the toilet, so I put my jumper on and sat out. I've since had more kleanprep cause I was curled up on my living room floor crying in agony lol. How I love being reduced to behaving like a baby in my own home.

Anyway, I've been feeling a lot better since so I'll cheer up this post a bit now.

James finishes school for 3 weeks in 1.5 weeks, yay! He is coming home tomorrow, then next weekend too, before coming home on Thursday 22nd, just in time for Christmas. My Christmas tree is still standing after 3 days, which is a massive improvement on last year, as after 3 days I'd taken it down thanks to my crazy cat tipping it over about 4 times a day. There are a few presents wrapped and under the tree, although I still have lots to buy.

I've spent today in my pjs cause police advised not to travel (thanks "hurricane bawbag") so I cancelled my lessons and rearranged them for Saturday and Monday. It's been bliss, not doing anything, but only really cause I've wound right down and want my 2 weeks holiday to happen right now.

Sending lots of love to all you poorly bears out there, this time of year sucks :( *hugs!* xxx

PS yesterday I was taken to see We Will Rock You in Edinburgh as part of my christmas from mum and dad :) it was me, mum, dad and my brother James. It was cool :) really liked it and haven't been to the theatre for ages. I stopped going on purpose for a while cause it made me really upset to think I could've been doing that as a career, but nevermind!