Thursday, 27 September 2012

So since last time things have been much the same to be honest!

I still feel I'm suffering the effects of the cold after nearly 4 weeks, although no where near as bad. Only difference is instead of the phlegmy horribleness being non stop and "viral" looking, it's looking more like infection and tastes awful. I've managed to get through most days this week without a nap though, so that's progress!

I fell out with creon. I stopped taking it, after over 2 years of trying to get my dosage right again. It's been driving me completely insane, and to be honest I just reached the end of my tether with it. However, after enjoying a lovely steak dinner on Sunday night for hubby's birthday, I spent all of Monday is serious pain and all the other things that go along with no creon, so I emailed my dietitian (Diane) and posted on the CF Trust forum to get help to start back on them. Diane and I decided to start again, as if I'd never taken creon before, and we're going to buid up based on symptoms. So today, I have had 6 creon - 1 with breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks, then 2 with dinner. Nowhere near enough, but better than nothing I suppose. I'm sending her a food diary via email tomorrow so hopefully I'll be on the increase over the weekend.

CF rubbish aside, Fionn and I have been having great morning walks. I started walking him last Thursday, starting at about an hour. Now we're up to 1.5/2 hours, depending on where we go. We have walked through Lamlash - on the beach, grass, roads, pavements - and have twice down to Glenashdale at Whiting Bay. Yesterday we did Glenashdale Falls and out to the Iron Age Fort, and today we came the opposite way, hitting the Iron Age Fort first, then the top of the falls and up to Giants Graves. It's been quite tough on my chest at times with a few steep hills I thought I was going to have to crawl up, but I made it and I didn't kill myself in the process lol. I'm using it to get myself into a better meds routine as well though, nebbing DNase before I go (I've been pretty bad at getting back into taking this properly since the move).

I've joined a choir as well :) It's predominantly elderly people, but that doesn't really bother me. They sing mostly light hearted stuff like Richard Rodgers (Bewitched, My funny Valentine etc) and a medley of songs from Guys and Dolls (love) but there are also a couple of more serious numbers so it's good fun.

I hope everyone is feeling well, much love

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

bad timing

Ever feel like your body is taking the piss out of you? Lol, that's how this week feels.

I got our border collie pup, called Fionn (Fin), on Thursday which was great. With each new day he gets more and more crazy so I can't wait til he's had all his injections and can go for walks instead of tearing through the house, jumping up on the couch and pissing off the cat.

Thursday my appetite was shocking, Friday was the same, then Saturday came and my chest went nuts. Come Sunday I was asleep practically all day, and when I was awake it was like my limbs were lead and just moving was so tough. Yesterday brought a full blown cold into the mix, blood streaking and just generally feeling lousy, so I gave in and phoned the CF team. I'm not gonna be seen unless things don't get better or get worse, but I started on a couple of orals that I have in the house in the hopes that it'll stave off any time off work. In the past I would just have gone up to clinic, but now it's such a hassle and I can't just go without telling anybody now either (as in, family etc).

Looking after a 13 week old border collie is tough work at the best of times, but my patience is wearing extremely thin cause I'm so tired and feeling poo that I just want to go back to bed.

Here are a couple of pics of Fionn when I just brought him home. He was such an angel that day lol


not many border collies in the world with black, white, tan and grey/black spots.


sleepy wee dog


he has such a cute little face

PS I've decided after much discussion that the rabbit shall be called Gandalf. He has the coolest long grey/brown hair so it's quite fitting haha.