Sunday, 17 November 2013

It's been SO long

Almost 6 months to be precise! What a ridiculous state of affairs. It's not that I've had nothing to write about, it's really just that some of the things I've wanted to talk about I've had to keep quiet...until now.

The summer was brilliant. It was very hot (often far too hot) but it made for lots of days spent wearing shorts/dresses and sandals. I managed to stay well most of the time because it was dry (I tend to fair much worse in the wet winter months) and got to enjoy myself! Only thing I will say is that spending an entire day at a wedding in 30C heat was a challenge too far. We were all ready to take a run into the sea!

We were told in July that our mortgage would finally be going through and we would be home owners, finally. That turned into our mortgage going through on September 18th, with only 4 days until the building society cancelled our offer and we were back to square 1. To say that was stressful is a wild understatement. We were constantly on the phone, constantly emailing, and constantly being pushed from pillar to post but THANK GOD it's finally through and we no longer have to deal with landlords. Phew.

A whole 5 days after our mortgage went through, on James' 27th birthday, we found out that I'm pregnant! Yes, I couldn't believe it either. Well, I could, because it wasn't an accident, but it was a bit of a shock none-the-less. I'm now just past the 12 week mark and starting to round out a bit, although I think this weekend it's mainly just my rubbish CF bowel that's making me look round lol. It's hard to tell what's causing it. Since getting pregnant, I've had a sickness virus and now have a heavy cold that I'm hoping isn't starting to descend to my chest, but I was awake during the night wheezing and whistling and just generally sounding and feeling rubbish so we'll see what clinic reveals on Thursday.

I can't really think of much else that's happened to be honest, because these 2 big life events have kind of taken over my memory, but I'm now in the run up to Christmas concerts and dinners out etc which are great fun when you can't drink! I've had 2 sober weddings already and man are they difficult. Not that I get completely plastered every time I go out normally, but a couple of drinks take the edge off certainly and make dealing with other drunk people a lot easier! To make matters worse, I had to use the excuse of "I'm driving" rather than just telling people the truth because we hadn't had all the necessary scans and tests.

Historically, my health has been pretty rubbish for me from January to April/May time, so I'm really hoping that this year things are different. I'll update after clinic on Thursday if I can be bothered.

Hope everyone else is keeping busy and well. x