Monday, 9 January 2012


I'm late, again! Happy new year everyone, I hope the first 9 days of January have been good to you so far.

I've not really got much to report tbh. Christmas was good  :) We visited my family in the early afternoon to exchange gifts before heading up to James' Dads house to do the same. After that it was off to his mums house for our dinner. We nearly always have dinner there as his brother gets home for Christmas eve night and Christmas day. He has severe Autistic Spectrum Disorder and is a resident at the National Autistic Society residential centre I worked at for 4 years (Daldorch). He was on great form and we had a really nice relaxing time. Only problem with the day was that I was driving everywhere so was ready for my bed by about 8pm.

Boxing day everybody came to us for a buffet. It was really great and I ended up feeling a little drunk by the end of the night (clearly I as compensating for having driven everywhere the day before).

Um....New year's eve was basically the same as always. I got stupidly drunk and don't remember the bells (my memory comes back at about 1.30am), then was put in a taxi shouting about how I didn't want to go home get the picture. It gave James' mum and his sister a good laugh when we got back to their house though. New year day dinner was with my family. I had offered to make the soup, but was so tired and coughing all over the place from the drink the night before that it felt like a much bigger task than it actually was lol.

James was home for a full 2 weeks, which was great, but I felt really low when he went back over the Arran last night...euch.

Yesterday, the oldest of my 2 younger brothers crashed his car. He skidded and hit a verge then rolled a few times, smashing nearly every window. The CD player dislodged and flew about inside the car, also hitting him on the head. He was 1 very lucky guy being able to walk out of it, as it landed right side up. Anyway, we reckon the car's a write off cause it isn't worth an awful lot, and had obviously spent some time on it's roof! Scary times.

Not a lot to report health wise. My tummy is still being seriously rubbish. I had more kleanprep on the ward on the 23rd Dec, and am heading that way again! It's infuriating. I did, however, blow my best lung function in a good while that day so can't really complain chest wise.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the people you love :)

PS It turns out that the Liszt Etudes are REALLY hard...not so much the originals but the Grande and idea why I asked for the scores for my Christmas lol...

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  1. Glad you had a great Christmas and New Year! Hope you get better too and that your hospital stay isn't too boring. xx