Wednesday, 5 September 2012

bad timing

Ever feel like your body is taking the piss out of you? Lol, that's how this week feels.

I got our border collie pup, called Fionn (Fin), on Thursday which was great. With each new day he gets more and more crazy so I can't wait til he's had all his injections and can go for walks instead of tearing through the house, jumping up on the couch and pissing off the cat.

Thursday my appetite was shocking, Friday was the same, then Saturday came and my chest went nuts. Come Sunday I was asleep practically all day, and when I was awake it was like my limbs were lead and just moving was so tough. Yesterday brought a full blown cold into the mix, blood streaking and just generally feeling lousy, so I gave in and phoned the CF team. I'm not gonna be seen unless things don't get better or get worse, but I started on a couple of orals that I have in the house in the hopes that it'll stave off any time off work. In the past I would just have gone up to clinic, but now it's such a hassle and I can't just go without telling anybody now either (as in, family etc).

Looking after a 13 week old border collie is tough work at the best of times, but my patience is wearing extremely thin cause I'm so tired and feeling poo that I just want to go back to bed.

Here are a couple of pics of Fionn when I just brought him home. He was such an angel that day lol


not many border collies in the world with black, white, tan and grey/black spots.


sleepy wee dog


he has such a cute little face

PS I've decided after much discussion that the rabbit shall be called Gandalf. He has the coolest long grey/brown hair so it's quite fitting haha.

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  1. Don't leave it in getting yourself seen if you're feeling crappy. Can you send off a sputum sample via your GP? Make sure you make plenty of time for sleep.

    Fionn is absolutely gorgeous! When I saw the first picture, at first I genuinely thought he was in a shopping trolley...

    Hope your cold buggers off soon.