Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Lagan Love

So, yesterday I joined a ladies singing group called Vivace. I think there are 8 ladies who meet every week to sing with the aim to performing in festivals and at weddings etc. I've recorded myself singing the tune to My Lagan Love which is an Irish folk song. I'm slightly embarrassed about posting a link to it on here as it is terrible quality and not my best singing either (just can't get the first few words of each verse to sound nice!!!) but hey, I need to get over myself and stop being so embarrassed to perform, and you're all a nice bunch so seems a decent place to start. There were slightly better recordings but I had horrible throat clearing and coughing so they're no good! Damn CF has been ruining my performances all my life lol.

I also recorded myself singing and playing Brahms "Der Tod, das ist die kuhle nacht" but it's even worse quality and it goes very high so makes your speakers do that nasty buzzing that happens when a track hasn't been edited properly, or the performer has been too close to the mic (both of which are true in my case because the only place to put the laptop is right next to the piano and I can't remember how to work editing software....naff)

Please send thoughts to my family, and prayers if you're that way inclined. My step-cousin has been missing since 2am on Friday. Mountain Rescue, divers, police, everyone is looking for him and so far no luck other than his wallet. It's a terrible time but people have been so supportive to my Uncle Malcolm and David's mum Donna. It really is awful though, he's only 18 and just started studying at Stirling Uni in October :(


  1. Well, you have no need to be embarrassed to perform! Your voice is gorgeous! Singing just moves so much crap, it's nearly impossible not to throat clear/cough during it. I've not heard the song before either, but I'll have to look it up because the singing group I go to would really like it.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your step-cousin. I really hope they find him safe and well soon. Thinking of you all.


  2. Hi Ruth,
    I loved this. It's beautiful and quite ethereal. Best of luck with the new singing group. I'm really sorry to hear about your step-cousin and sending my most positive thoughts to you and all your family.
    Stay well,