Monday, 20 July 2015


Wow, it's been over a year.

A super exciting year at that.

I don't actually have much to say and will probably disappear again (in fact, make that definitely), but I just wanted to check in and write something down at least.

So our boy is 14.5 months old already. He's been walking since 11.5 months and is just the nicest boy ever. He's so sweet and pleasant. He loves to read, dance, play all kinds of musical instruments, get arty with crayons and paint and play. We love him to bits, I couldn't be happier for having him around.

Health wise, things have been good really. I had a bad infection and virus in November which had temps up to 39.5, conjunctivitis, tonsillitis and dodgy lungs all at once. It was rough, but other than a few colds and a bit of infection (euch, all the joints in my body flared up, it was horrible!) at my birthday, my chest has leveled out again and seems to be doing OK. My annual review results were certainly good but I do have a daily productive cough which is a bit annoying. My OGTT said this time that I'm diabetic but my sugar diary so far looks good so I don't think I'll be started on insulin yet, probably just gonna have to keep an eye on them (as I have been since 2010 haha)

We've moved back to the mainland from Arran. We initially lived with James' mum for 6 months until we found a house to buy and sold our house on Arran, but we've been in our new house since March/April. It's still quite disorganised but we're trying...sort of haha.

Work is RUBBISH. I have 2 pupils. 2! I'm really limited for time obviously so that doesn't help, but it seems a Saturday just isn't a popular day any more so I'm stuck. I did apply for a piano teaching job with a council but I didn't get it. At least nobody can say I'm not trying. I'm giving it til Christmas then if things don't improve I'm gonna have to stop because I actually pretty much spend everything I make on petrol and time to get there. Naff.

I'm not posting photos of Ciaran on here as this is a public blog, but if you know me and want to see him you can either find me on facebook or on instagram (ruthjaymce)


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