Wednesday, 29 September 2010

been a while...

but I've not had anything interesting to say.

I still don't, so don't expect anything amazing. Went up to the ward today cause I've been having the most terrible pains in the centre of my chest, radiating round into the back of my ribs and shoulders. My appetite has been more or less completely gone, I've been shattered but unable to get much in the way of sleep and my headaches have been shocking. I had to ask to get away from work early on Monday and spent all of Tuesday doing nothing. As usual, my chest didn't want to give up anything significant and I doubt much (if anything) will grow in it, which is frustrating the life out of me after what I managed to get up last week when I didn't have a bloody sample pot. I really do think the Drs must think I make shit up, but I don't, I genuinely feel crap.

Anyway, my weight's down 4kg and gastritis was the best we could really come up with, although it wasn't exactly a quick diagnosis...not like him really! I've been taken off cipro as it was about 4th on the list of side effects and have doubled up on omperazole to see if it helps. I managed to eat most of my dinner, but the pain afterwards was pretty intense again. I'm also on my 3rd week of fluconazole since starting colomycin/cipro, and have a week to go, which is driving me mad.

I just feel so frustrated tonight...really annoyed and irritable and just wanna be left alone. I know we all have bad days and everyone is entitled to them, I just can't be bothered with feeling like this. point even getting started, I could go on for hours.

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