Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I can't even really think where to start if I'm honest.

What a weekend! James' cousin Vicki got married on Saturday to Andy. They are a fantastic couple and it was a really beautiful day, the sun was shining and everyone looked so glamourous! I played piano at the reception and James' sister Ashley sang at the service. She's a great singer :) She studied musical theatre in Guildford and is now living in London and auditioning like mad for shows.

Everyone was asking me if I was getting lots of ideas for our wedding, and if I'm honest, I wasn't really. As lovely as their wedding was, and as perfect as it was for them, it wasn't the kind of wedding James and I want for ourselves. We are hoping to be married outside in a non-religious service (as James is the least religious person I've possibly ever met) and to have a reception a little different from the usual. We shall see!

Sunday was a stunning day again, so James and I took Fudge (my family's dog) a long walk around the woods, after which I was beat! We made some burger rolls and I had a couple of pints of cider and just enjoyed being warm in only a tshirt and skirt. Shame the rain has come back now though :(

Body-wise...I couldn't be more annoyed with my digestion and my sinuses if I tried. I am seriously considering cutting out most fats and seeing if my tummy will settle before building it back up. I'm sick of waking in the night feeling sick from the pain or waking from the noise of it rumbling! I was also wakened the other night by the grating sound coming from my left lung. Good cough and it went away but because I couldn't be bothered getting up to shift it properly it just came back.

I've started using my sinus rinses. So far so good I think. I got really bad earache and headache after using it for the first while, and the pressure at the front and back of my head is really bad still while I'm using it but seems to be reducing thankfully. I'm starting to think that a lot of my troubles might be related to polyps again (growths of tissue which can cause blockage of the airway) rather than excessive mucus, although occassionally I'm still draining some really awful looking stuff down the back...ew. I thought my balance was recovering over the weekend but it's getting worse again - I thought my week of extra antibiotics was helping but now I'm off them again I can feel it getting worse already. Only finished them on Thursday but nevermind! I'm not due at clinic til the 17th May for my annual review so I'm trying to avoid going up there until then.

I also don't suppose that so many people being ill around me with various flu/cold type things is helping much. I'm definitely avoiding the worst of it all still, but I do tend to get ill when everyone else is fine for some reason. As soon as I think I can relax a bit I always get something lol.

I'm sure there are many more things I was gonna update about but I forget now. Hope everyone is well :)

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