Thursday, 31 March 2011

fungus likes me

Apparently there is no physical reason for me feeling a bit physical reason to explain why I'm so dizzy I fall into things and have to hold myself up. My chest has been angry with me the last week or so too, wheezy, really junky and coughing til I'm sick. My sinuses are killing me all the time, and the "vacuum" headaches that come when I don't get a drink in time (about every half hour/hour) are just unreal. Aspergillus is back too, so think that explains the amount of junk...they're still not treating it.

I had clinic this morning. Lung function was down a bit, but nothing major, sats were 100% but my heart rate was over 110bpm and I was all over the place trying to put my shoes back on after being weighed lol. Weight has stayed the same (woop!) so that's not a worry but had a good long chat with the dietician (she's really lovely) about ways I can try and keep my sugars up, especially while I'm at work. Hypoing between breakfast and lunch, then again after lunch, pretty much every time I'm there is starting to do my head in. She thinks it's possible that my sugars might be climbing then crashing, but they could just be dropping with all the energy needed to stay awake and actually work lol.

Had a chat with the Dr about my work situation too...she literally said "get your work to hang, and I really mean it". I know I want to leave and work on my piano teaching only but I'm not really able to support myself financially with that at the moment...euch. The nurse spoke to me after though and offered to have a meeting at my work to discuss different ways they can keep me there...not sure what I want to do about it though. I don't really feel like facing up to the fact I'm still in a bit of a dip, even if my numbers don't really back it up all the time. I'm glad my numbers are still good but it's been a while now since I've felt really good.

Oh, Dr didn't check my tummy was just a bit of a disaster clinic and think they were just wanting rid of us as quick as possible. Stupid phoning me to go up if they're not actually wanting to go over everything.


Lots of people needing positive vibes just now and really hope you all start to feel better!! xx


  1. I hate when you feel crap but numbers say otherwise - feels like no one believes you! If your sugars are crashing it can make you feel so crap - I often feel ill for the entire day if have a bad hypo. Hope you can get that back on track. Very much sympathise with the sinus pain - in many ways it gives me more grief than my lungs did! Have you tried using those cold (migraine) strips at all? I sometimes cut them up and put over sinus areas and it makes them feel bit more numb. Do yours get worse if you drink alcohol btw? sometimes if I have one drink they start throbbing!

    hope they get something sorted at work. Remember if you were on benefits (esa) I think you are allowed to do some permitted work, which might allow you to do the piano teaching. Worth looking into.


  2. Sinus headaches are the worst things! I don't really understand why they aren't treating your aspergillus! Surely some steroids would help or some itraconazole? I think the clinics have had a bad week this week. *hugs* and hopefully things will pick up soon!


  3. Hey for the low sugars try having some dextro energy tablets in your bag, you can get them from all chemists. I find they help and its easier than carrying sugary stuff around all the time! I also find powerades are good to keep you hydrated and stop your sugars falling!

    Have you tried a sinus rinse? I can't remember if you use one or not? It's worked wonders for me! I hardly ever get sinus pain now! I use the neilmed one

    If you cut down you hours you might qualify for working tax credits under the disability element xx

  4. I have a sinus neb but it takes ages, so ive just ordered some things from the neilmed site this morning, gonna give anything a go! hopefully itll help :)

    I'll need to look into the working tax credits and how that works for me because I have a casual zero hours contract at work so that makes it all a bit more of a nightmare! lol.

    I'll also look into those migraine strips Jac!

    thanks for the comments lovelies :) x