Tuesday, 14 June 2011

moving, grumpy, hospital hospital hospital

Long time...again.

Lots has happened for a change! Firstly, we had our engagement party on the 21st May and it was fantastic. The venue was lovely, with great food, our DJ was excellent and only played music that we like and having some friends play acoustic sets just topped it all off. I, on the other hand, nearly got thrown out of my own party for falling asleep! I'd been on the go all day and was exhausted when I got there, so add to that lots of red wine and I just couldn't last any longer. The next day was a complete write off haha.

On the 23rd May we moved house...actually, we spent that entire week moving house. It was, to put it nicely, a complete nightmare, and I was so tired and grumpy the whole week. On the Tuesday, 1 of the CF nurses came by to get a repeat sample after my annual review as it grew ureaplasma urealiticum...I have to say I'd never heard of it and they were unsure whether it was actually there or had been in my mouth or maybe even contaminated (as it's not a lung bug). Anyway, it didn't grow again, but while she was over she was concerned that I was pretty wheezy and coughing lots, even though I explained that I'd just done physio and that, along with h.saline, always makes me sound like a mess, but in fairness I'd been coughing more, felt more productive and kept randomly falling asleep. That resulted in me going to clinic again on the Thursday and getting 2 weeks of azithro and cipro as well as put back on an asthma inhaler.

This is going to sound ridiculous, as it's only an inhaler, but I really was gutted about it. I remember how elated I felt when I was allowed to come off them as a teenager and it just felt like a bit of a step back.

The cipro made me feel sick as a dog for a few days, but thankfully I wasn't actually sick (takes a hell of a lot to make me sick). I also felt really grumpy and so tired so kinda cut myself off from people, but I'm getting back into socialising ha.

Today I went for a DXA scan. Boring. A whole 5 minutes and I had to trek away up to Glasgow to get it. James came with me though and we went to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery before it cause we were early. I hadn't been there for years so it was nice :) It looks like they're opening a Brew Dog bar across the road from it so no doubt we will be there more often lol, James likes a Brew Dog.

Next week I have an abdominal ultrasound and the week after is my rheumatology appointment. I'm still waiting to hear from ENT, but hopefully I'll get the appointment soon and I can be rid of all my trips to Glasgow for boring things!

Written down now it doesn't really feel like a lot has happened, I must just be going at 100mph all the time for no reason lol. Hope everyone is well.

PS forgot to say that James will be an island dweller for most of the year now as his probationary teaching year is on Arran. That means I'm gonna be a loner and will need lots of company til he comes home at weekends, especially in bad weather as it won't be easy to get back and forward on the ferry.

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