Thursday, 4 August 2011

Well the treatments seem to have made a difference :) I'm not sure yet if I'm back to my normal, but zumba was 10 times easier last night than it was a few weeks ago. Thank goodness for that, I'm sure you all know how unpleasant it is to hack up a lung with everyone watching lol.

Unfortunately, starting the steroids etc a few weeks ago meant I couldn't go to my clinical trial appointment in Edinburgh so it has been rescheduled for Monday coming, then I have an OGTT on Wednesday. My ENT appointment was pants. For starters, I didn't like the Drs patronizing attitude, just everything about him creaped me out :/ He was a total pain. Secondly, I obviously thought I was going to be seen about my sinuses, but they started off by giving me a hearing test which I thought was a bit odd, but turns out they were more concerned with the dizziness I'd been having and were worried it could be drug interactions or something. Anyway, he decided I have/had Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo as a result of a head injury I got at work in February. It seems to have mostly cleared up now though, yay!

No polyps...which is good, but bad as well cause now they won't operate. So I'm trying flixonase nasules for 6 weeks then back to ENT in 3 months.

CF crap aside, I bought my wedding dress last week!!! Super excited. I'm keeping it a secret until the big day, but I'll definitely post pictures after it's by :)

James is moving to Arran on Saturday :( Feeling pretty rubbish about it, I'm not looking forward to living myself after we've been living together for 2 years. Euch. I think James' sister will be staying with me for 8 weeks or so towards the end of the year as she got the lead role in the pantomime in the next town. It runs for 6 weeks with 2 weeks rehearsals beforehand and she lives in London, so it makes sense :)

Hope you're all good x

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