Thursday, 25 August 2011

Went to clinic this morning hoping for an up, but when I started hacking like a mad witch last night and into this morning I thought it might not happen, which it didn't! Joy. I've had a 20% drop in lung function in the last couple of months so I'm heading back up on Wednesday to get started on IVs. Fortunately I've seen the same Dr the last few times I've been up so I knew it was probably on the cards. They said my cough swab from 2 weeks ago didn't grow anything though so who knows. CF, you are a pain, but at least I don't have to stay in this time.

Anyway, that's next week lol.

This weekend James is coming home! Yay! We are going to a charity night for CF Trust which has been organised by a CF mum in my home town. I'm going to meet her tomorrow while he's at nursery, incase we don't get a chance to chat on Saturday night so that should be nice.

So many people on my mind, I hope you're all keeping as well as can be :) x

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  1. Ahh!! Poor you! Hope the IV's pick you up quickly and you're back to feeling your normal self!