Wednesday, 8 February 2012

the culprit!

I went up to Gartnavel today for a repeat chest x-ray and to get my line out.

I was moaned at for losing half a kilo. My lung function was fine and chest sounded OK. Apparently the x-ray wasn't exactly perfect, but showed a small improvement. Seen as I started feeling a fair bit better over the last couple of days we decided just to stop IVs and see me back up in 4 weeks. If I need to be seen before then I'll be less than happy.

I saw my microbiology report from my samples when I was in. They grew aspergillus as expected, but also a new 1 for me - stenotrophomonas maltophilia.

Bit of a mouthful! Glad to finally know what was going on though.

I think I must've grown everything in my time apart from B. cepacia!

Anyway, bugger off steno, I would like to avoid a repeat performance.

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  1. Def a mouthful! Are they treating it then?