Monday, 16 April 2012

life in general

This is coming a little sooner than planned, but I've only slept about half an hour so far tonight (it's 3.45am) and can't see me getting back down any time soon.

So, James was home for 2 weeks over Easter break, which was great, we were really busy catching up with friends, organising wedding related stuff and trying to enjoy our time together. We went out for dinner to Ichiban and ate sushi etc which was lovely :) We ate takeaway a couple of times and just chilled out. House is  a complete disaster zone as a result but hey, who cares. On Tuesday we ended up getting through 2 bottles of wine by accident and I ended up crying for ages after trying to keep the emotions of the week under control.

I had my first appointment with clinical psychology last week. It went quite well I think, but I'm told I have a significant amount of stress in my life and I worry about so much at once, so I'm going back next week to chat about coping mechanisms. She thought I might only want to see her a couple of times, but you just never know what could come up, so I'm just taking it as it comes.

I gave in on Thursday and phoned CF team to be seen on Friday as I was knackered, in a bit of pain and just generally feeling pants. Lung function was down a fair bit, crackles, blah blah, you know the deal, so was sent to xray which was MOBBED and completely insane. There were people in gowns all over the place lol. Anyway, Dr said xray was much better than Feb, that the antibiotics for the pneumonia are obviously working. The inflammation has reduced but a whole bunch of "fluid" has taken it's place. My chest hurts a lot when I cough and keeps getting really tight and wheezy so I can't get the stuff out, so after a chat with physio we came up with a new routine and I might go and see them again this week. How I'm fitting this routine in twice a day (or lets face it, once and then a shorter session later on) I don't know!

So I need to work hard this week if I want to stay off IVs.

I feel this could start getting boring and my brain is switching off. I'm off to doss infront of Big Bang Theory again seen as my tummy won't let me sleep.

Hope everyone is keeping well x

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