Monday, 14 May 2012

All change!

I'll start with the biggest news, and most of you have already heard, but James got a permanent teaching position on Arran, so we are moving! AGAIN. How many times can 2 people move house, seriously, it's ridiculous. This will be the 4th move in 3 years. Nightmare, but hopefully we will be able to settle when we get there. A bit of concern over where we're going to live, and whether we will need to rent at first rather than go straight for a mortgage, and property on Arran is super expensive. A 2 bedroom ex council house would be under £100,000 anywhere else in Ayrshire, but on Arran you're talking £150,000.

Only 8.5 weeks til our wedding! Exciting.

Today I had another appointment with psychology. It was good, we always laugh our way through it, but really that's more me laughing out of nerves, but it's actually nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Today she actually put a name to what's going on - Generalised Anxiety (with obsessive-compulsive tendencies). Fun. Basically when my levels of anxiety are higher, my obsessive behaviours get worse, but they don't take over enough for it to be classed as obsessive compulsive disorder, and they don't necessarily happen every day. Next session will be interesting because she's going to talk me through mind games and techniques to help me cope when I can't get to my piano (as any time I feel myself starting to stress I go straight to the piano as a distraction).

Don't think I've got a whole lot more to talk about, so I'm off!

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