Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Almost Mrs McEnaney

Tomorrow is my last day as Miss Ruth McDougall. By 3pm on Friday, I'll be known is Mrs Ruth Jay McEnaney. Weird!!!

Everything is all set. I have my beautiful dress, my bridesmaids are stunning as ever, and we're all beautified and ready to go. As is my mum, who is new to the world of spray tanning and visiting a salon in general lol. I think she's been enjoying being pampered though :) James' kilt is ready, as are the other guys' and I think they're all feeling ready now too. Although since yesterday, James has become quiet and is adament he isn't nervous...I think otherwise!

My hen weekend was great! We went to the Stirling Highland Hotel for a spa day, had a 3 course meal in the restaurant then out for cocktails in Stirling. We stayed over in the hotel and spent Sunday outside the castle then in a bar watching the tennis with more cocktails! I had a back massage and a manicure and felt very relaxed after about 3 hours in the spa pool. It was far too hot and made me struggle to breathe at times, but it was worth it lol. We were lucky to get there though, after my friend's brother managed to beach his car in my garden! Hard to explain, but he had completely blocked the driveway and couldn't move forward or backward. That was pretty stressful, but thankfully my neighbours were having work done and the guys came and jacked the car up about 5 times onto a pile of breeze-blocks so he could get out.

James and a couple of his friends went camping to Tighnabruich and had a great time! Came home stinking and knackered, as you would expect. He's having a BBQ tomorrow with all the guys, provided the rain stays away long enough. 

Speaking of rain, the forecast isn't great for Friday. Who'd have thought you'd have a washed out wedding in July....*ha*, but hopefully we'll get a window of dry to take some photos outside then we can get on with the party! Woo!

So, seen as it's my last time, I'm gonna sign out properly

Miss Ruth Jay McDougall  


  1. I hope you have a fantastic wedding!!!!! xx

  2. Good luck for tomorrow!

    Michelle xxx (from CF Mummies)

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic hen weekend! Hoping for some sun for you on Friday! Can't wait to see the pictures. Have a magical day- I have no doubt you will!!!