Thursday, 14 June 2012

Busy busy

I've been off my 3 months of orals now for about 3 weeks and have felt pretty crap since about 3 days of being off them. Lungs are not cooperating how I want them to and I've been tired to the point I've been bursting into tears over nothing and just generally being a bitch to be around. This hasn't been helped by the addition of crazy hormones, and it would appear I'm sliding over into "hormones make me feel soooooooooo much worse than normal" territory which I've managed to avoid in my chest so far. I'm used to it now with my tummy, but if I could've got away with sleeping constantly for 3 weeks there I would have.

However, I have so much to do that I'm just having to get on with it! Next week I have 3 ABRSM exams to accompany then the Arran high school show to do for 4 days, then back on the earliest ferry and straight into  teaching last lessons before my own pupils exams and then accompanying another 2 exams the next week. All that, and then the next week is hen do, and the following week is wedding bells!

I'm excited now. Yesterday, mum and I confirmed the hair appointments and all the stuff at the salon, like waxing, nails, possible tan, make up...the list goes on, but I STILL don't have my dress. Phoned the shop yesterday and they basically fobbed me off and told me they'll contact me when it's in. My personality doesn't do well with this, I want it to be in now and that's it. But mainly because I know I'm not here next week so that only gives me 3 weeks to do 3 fittings.

Anyway, what else is happening? Oh, we managed to organise a house on Arran, yay! We get back from our honeymoon on Tues 31st July, then move over there on Mon 6th August. I'm gonna need another holiday after it. That gives us about 1.5 weeks to try and get semi organised before James goes back to work. Role on October holidays.

I would imagine I won't be posting on here much in the next couple of months, but I'll try and update when I can, and when I can think of something to say. Hope everyone is doing well

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  1. You're so busy!!!

    Yay for a house in Arran! That must be a weight off your mind? I'm accompanying for the school kid's ABRSM exams too. Luckily the clarinet music isn't too hard. Can't say the same about the singer's music though...

    Hope your chest learns to behave soon! What's your lung function doing? Can they give you another course of IVs to remind them what they're supposed to be doing?