Thursday, 30 August 2012

Best. Clinic. Appointment. Ever.

So, the title says it all.

Lungs were stable, weight was up, tummy was a bit rumbly but nothing major. To top it off, they've taken me off flucloxacillin. I feel a bit weird about it after being on it every day for about 15 years, but I haven't grown staph for about a year now and they think it should help with my "candida problem". It better! I'm getting sick to death of the constant low grade pain and the taste and all the symptoms that come with candida in other places. Delightful.

It was also a great appointment because I took along some wedding pictures which distracted everybody enough that there was nothing to moan about haha. Clearly this is the answer to getting through clinic appointments!

Well, we've been in our new house just under a month now (next Friday we hit a month) and today I am going across to the mainland to get a DOG!! We're getting a 12 week old border collie :) It's gonna be a nightmare to start cause he hasn't had any jags so can't do big walks, but we have both had dogs (James had a border collie) and we got Fudge as a pup, so I think we're fairly confident we know what we're doing. We also have the added bonus of a sheep dog trainer who lives next door. As you can imagine, he mainly works with border collies, which is even better.

Work is picking up, slowly but surely. I have 14 pupils on the mainland and all but 1 of them have been with me since before the summer. I even have 1 who has been with me since my very first day, which is brilliant. She did amazingly well in her prep test and is preparing now for grade 1 :) As for Arran, I have 1 singing pupil and 4 piano pupils, and I know I will have at least 1 more of each in the next few weeks once they have returned from holidays. I don't really want to do singing to be honest, it's embarrassing when things start shifting in the lungs and make me cough and splutter all over the place, but there has been demand for it so I can't really turn down the opportunity for more work.

I will post a pic of puppy once I've picked him up. Excited. And James is even more excited! lol

Hope you're all keeping well, and love to Gem who's having a rough time xxx

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  1. You're in demand work wise! Well done as it's your hard work and reputation that has more than paid off! Singing does a great job of clearing my puffers, it's just not particularly pretty in the process haha!

    So exciting about the dog! Have you thought of names?

    Great news about clinic. Candida is evil. What do you take for it? I have Nystatin for my mouth and although it tastes nasty, it does the job. The other one is daktarin, a gel you apply to your mouth (it tastes of calpol so it's a mission not to squeeze the whole tube into my mouth and eat the stuff!).

    Lots of love! xxx