Thursday, 15 November 2012

Yoga Cures?

Not sure about that yet, but after trying a few "flows" today for the first time in donkies ages, I'm able to say that it helps at least.

I tried yoga for a stiff neck and back, for hip flexibility, and for all over flexibility. The hip flexibility exercises are rough and I know I'm gonna be in agony tomorrow, but the neck and back exercise was best for me as my lower back always needs cracked out (well, "clunked" might be more appropriate) and instead of just lying on the floor and twisting my lower body as I usually do, I managed to "clunk" it out mid exercise and it's helping my muscles as well. Win. The only drawback is the pressure/pain in my wrists when I've been leaning on them a while.

I found videos on youtube of an American woman who makes it really easy to understand and isn't all foo-foo as a lot of instructors are. Her name's Tara Stiles, so check her out if you're interested. I've been reluctant to do yoga/pilates again for ages cause I didn't like the last instructor I went to (who was terrified of my CF and thought I'd die in her class) so this is a great find. The other thing is that I'm not interested in the spiritual side, I don't want to spend half my time doing hand gestures to the gods etc, and so far she's steered clear of all that. I'm doing it open up my body and hopefully create a happier mind due to having less physical pain to drag me down.

I'm quite confident to do lots of the exercises at home because of my dance history. I know how to keep my hips in line, I know how to tell I'm tense etc, but I doubt I'll be trying any handstands or anything on my own!

Anyway, I'm hoping to do some yoga each morning before I take the dog out, so I'll report back soon with how I'm getting on :)

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