Friday, 1 February 2013


I'm sorry this video is on its side, stupid phone couldn't rotate it and neither can any of the video programs on my laptop. Anybody got any ideas? Also, I tried to embed it but it was having none of it. Technology does not like me at the moment.

Ok, so that's a quick update that I made on Sunday 27th Jan. On Monday I felt even worse than I did on Sunday and took myself back to bed, only to cough up pure blood after 45 minutes, forcing me to cancel all but one of my lessons cause I didn't want a repeat performance infront of anybody, especially kids! Tuesdays lessons were also cancelled as I trailed my butt the 3 hours to clinic (living on Arran has a lot to answer for!! It only used to take me half hour) to be asked to go back next week to be admitted to start home IVs. I can't go home straight away because of levels and I ain't traipsing back and forward by boat all week.

So, I made it 12 days between clinic appointments lol. In that time my lung function dropped about 10% (not too shabby), my sats dipped a little but the biggest kicker was losing 2.3kg in under 2 weeks. What?! To some people it might not be much but when you're only 4ft 10 it makes you look quite skinny. My mum was so funny "What do you mean you've lost 2.3kg? How is that even possible without trying? They must've measured you wrong!" I think she's forgotten what CF is lol. If I lose another kg I'm right back to where I was in April, which is skinniest I've been since I was 15. Ah well.

So I've not done any running this week. My Dr asked if I think I'm doing too much, and at the time I said no, because I don't think I am, but then that got me thinking about what I actually do. I walk the dog 5 days out of 7, usually for an hour minimum. I sing in a choir and smaller singing group, as well as sing in my own time. I work for myself, which involves long Friday and Saturday every week as I drag my ass 3 hours over to mum and dads on a Friday, and then back on a Saturday, with 15 piano lessons in between lol. There's housework to do and last few weeks we've been stressed with so much other stuff happening. I don't think it's too much but maybe my body thinks would certainly explain why I'm so exhausted.

Hey ho, onwards and upwards as they say! Hope all you lovelies are well.

PS I have good news, but I want to wait til it's absolutely finalised before I share, so keep an eye out!

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