Friday, 29 March 2013


What a mental week!

On Friday (22nd) we woke to our power going off and on every couple of minutes before shutting off completely...and staying off. No doubt most people saw Arran on the news and the absolute state of the place from the snow. Where we live is over the other side of the island from what was shown on TV and is more sheltered, so although we had loads of snow, we didn't have the 10ft drifts to contend with.
On discovering the island still had no power on Saturday morning, James and I decided to head off the island to stay with my mum and dad. We had spent Friday night staying with friends who have a wood/coal fire so we could get a heat and spent the night playing monopoly by candlelight while drinking wine. Delightful haha.

Anyway, we took a visit back home on Tuesday to see our cat (who is being looked after by our neighbours) and found out our power had come back on via generator on Monday night, but that our boiler had given up! ARGH! By the time we left again we had got the hot water working but still had no heating. Fingers crossed it's working again when we go home tomorrow.

My exam pupils sat their exams yesterday and seemed to do really well! Couldn't be more proud of them, they really had worked so hard. I can't wait to see their reports and hope they are pleased with whatever grade they get.

On Wednesday I managed to get an appointment with physio up at the hospital, because despite all the physio I was doing in the 12 days since my clinic appointment, I was still barely shifting a thing and it was really starting to annoy me. On top of that, I was still coughing up blood every few days and seemed to bring one on during physio on Sunday night. I don't know if the bleeding has subsided or not as the longest I've gone without is about 6/7 days since January so I'm keeping my eye on that and hope to at least last 8 days this time. Who knows. Anyway, back to the point! My physio appointment went well even though we didn't manage to shift anything. She said she couldn't hear or feel a thing moving, and I could've been convinced there was nothing there if it weren't for the X-ray telling me otherwise, as well as the weird tickly feeling at the top of my chest. We decided I need to be back on hypertonic saline but because I can't tolerate the 7% I  have to dilute it to 3.5% and hope it works. I also got an AD belt to try but can't decide yet if I think it's worth the bother, considering I'm using PEP and various nebs anyway. I'm finally starting to see some progress since then though and on physio's request sent her a disgusting picture and she thinks I have bronchial casts. Yum :/ Words cannot describe the taste....sorry, but I've honestly never tasted anything that made me want to throw up more.

I swear my life isn't all disgusting!!! Lol.

My sister is coming home tonight so I think we are going to get a Chinese take away and maybe a wee cider or something, but I'm completely knackered and working tomorrow morning so it'll not be a late night.

I would really love to get off to somewhere hot and sunny...

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  1. Ahh how frustrating this week has been! Sounds positive with your piano students though :)

    Haha the mucus can make me gag sometimes. Might be worth sending a sample off if you can.

    Hope you get home in the next few days lovely! xxx