Tuesday, 13 July 2010

6 week update

Today I went to see my CHIP (East Ayrshire Council health scheme) person, Jack, who took various readings to assess how I'm getting on since I started at the gym. It was all positive, but thought I'd put my figures down in writing so I can look back at them next time:

weight - down from 56kg to 55.4kg, still gives me a BMI of 25.3, so no worries there!
blood pressure - down to 109/79, can't remember what it was last time, but it was 131/?
body fat - down from 26.1% to 24%, which is good apparently
"metabolic age" - down from 17 to 15.

He mentioned that my visceral fat (fat on the abdomen) is good too, but I got a bit lost and didn't end up with a figure for that. At least I know it's good. And apparently I'm very well hydrated for a female. Nice.

All in all, a positive visit, but my trip to the gym afterwards wasn't so hot. I pushed myself on the treadmill, and then burned out lol. I did 3.5k on the treadmill, doing 5 minutes jog/run then 5 minutes walking etc, then only managed 10 minutes on the cross-trainer before deciding I couldn't do anymore and had a stretch then a shower (BLISS!). I went to Asda after that to get stuff for dinner and had to go back to the car to have a bit of a lung clearout, which must've been why I tired so quickly at the gym, cause normally I can manage a lot more than what I did.

Anyway, can't complain, I still did well :)

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