Saturday, 24 July 2010


Can't believe it! After 13 years free I have pseudo. I'm not moaning, as I am extremely grateful to have had so much time free of IVs, but it was a major shock to be told. I must've looked like I was gonna cry or fall over cause Dr McG looked a bit worried lol, but he was really nice about it, punted me off to X-ray and then up to the ward. He also gave me a bit of a row cause I didn't phone and let them know I was having chest pains, especially the kind that are worse on inhalation...woops! I just figured it was probs cause I was a blocked up and that I'd just wait a week and tell them at clinic, but he wasn't impressed. I won't be making that mistake again anyway cause the pain is originating where my lung is clogged, so at least now I know it's def lung pain and that it's cause of infection.

I'm on IV tobramycin and ceftazidime...yuck. Then I'm gonna be on 3 months of neb colomycin and an oral, which I can't remember the name of, but hopefully that'll shift it. I've had them all before so at least I know they've worked for me. I'm a bit annoyed that they'd known since May that I had grown pseudo and that nobody had contacted me and I've obviously been feeling worse in the 2 months...nevermind, I'm to blame too cause I didn't bother phoning. I've also finally been started on hypertonic saline neb. About time!! It definitely makes a difference.

I did my own IVs yesterday morning and will be doing them again from Monday so that I can hopefully be home by Thursday *fingers crossed*. I didn't expect that they'd let me do them seen as it's the first time I've had them at the adult service, but I know they're always desperate for beds and it means I can go home! I'm not impressed with the venflon cause it still hurts, but the nurse who checked it reckons it's still ok.

I also had more kleanprep, which was lovely, as always. Hate the stuff, although the taste is kinda growing on me...does that mean I get it too often? lol. I have virtually no appetite which is fun cause the smell of the food makes me wanna boke. Fortunately it tastes like the food at work, and I'm used to eating that crap, so I can manage something. I always make sure I eat anyway cause I know I have to.

Anyway, all that medical nonsense aside, I'm meant to be going to James' sister Ashley's graduation on Friday, in London. That means if I'm out I will need to take sharps etc on a plane...does anybody know the deal with that?

I can't think of anything else to say just now, it's been all go since Thursday and I'm shattered/head's up my bum!!

Hope everybody else is well :) x


  1. Hey that sucks about pseudo, hope these iv's sort it out! Hope you get home by Thurs:D
    What is Kleanprep?
    Hope your better soon x

  2. thanks chick :)

    kleanprep is a strong laxative sachet that is diluted in a litre of water. fortunately it works well to clear me out but obv doesn't stop the blockages happening! xx

  3. Hey! Sorry tohear about the pseudo, I hope the ivs shift it and your feeling tip top asap.

    Well done on the 13 years, I hope after this course you manage to go another 13 years and more :D


  4. I think you can take sharps on a plane if you have a letter, best thing is to prob ring the airline and find out.
    Sorry to hear you have psuedo but im sure you will budge it, nebs for 3 months is nothing if it gets rid fo it :o) xx