Wednesday, 7 July 2010

best workout!

I have an ultrasound on my kidneys a week today. Checking for kidney stones as far as I'm aware. If there's nothing there then goodness only knows what the deal is with the UTIs, but I've started taking cranberry tablets on the advice of the urologist, so maybe that'll help :)

I had the best workout today! I couldn't run as I'm unsure what I've done with my ankle supports, so I took to the cross-trainer again instead. Cue 40 minutes on an aerobics programme followed by a scarlet face and me collapsing onto a chair with dead legs and struggling to was well worth it though, and what's more is I really enjoyed the programme. Normally I find the cross-trainer quite boring and only do 10 minutes, if anything, on it, so I was highly impressed. All I'll add to that is that going backwards on it is KILLER. I don't think I've ever had such a serious burning pain in my thighs and calves...I'll admit that I had to swear my way through that part of the programme ha.

The weekend is shaping up to the quite good. James and I have go karting on Saturday for a friends birthday, and maybe a couple of drinks or something afterwards, then Sunday is world cup final day which means a BBQ at another friends house. That will inevitably turn into a party but I have to drive to thatas I'm working 11 - 7 on Monday, so no drinking. I can't do the whole "going to work with a hangover" thing...doesn't work for me.

Last week I spent a lot of time at my friend Claire's house as she just had a baby. Little Molly is just so cute! James managed to hold her without dropping her haha. Apart from that, things are just going on as normal, nothing exciting to talk about. As always, I hope everybody else is well and sending you all some love x

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