Thursday, 5 August 2010

IV free

All I can say is thank god for that! I have my arm back and it doesn't itch anymore from the dressings and bandage.

I finished the IVs yesterday morning and started neb colomycin and oral cipro lastnight. I can't say I'm overly pleased at having to wear sun cream because of a bloody tablet but heyho, anything is fine if it means my chest gets better. I'm pretty sure I did my nebs too close together though cause my right lung was mega rumbly and had me coughing for ages afterwards, so will need to try and come up with a system that allows more time in between. It'll be hard on work days unfortunately but maybe just give the saline a miss then. Still monitoring my blood sugars too and they seem to be a bit all over the place. I can't eat enough in the morning to keep them up before lunch and then they're high after dinner. Meh, just need to wait and see what they have to say about it, no point dwelling on it, it's fine.

Health worries aside, I had an interview this morning :) I think it went pretty well, they seemed happy with how I answered their questions and hopefully found me to be pleasant enough! I hope I get it, cause the part time rotas are worked out so that you work about 3 days a week, and the rota I was shown seemed to be maybe a back shift onto sleep over onto early, then a short shift, followed by 4 off or something. Obviously it's changable and the sleep over bit might be a nightmare but will just need to drag all my meds with me - if I get it that is. 

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  1. Hey you will only need to wear suncream if its sunny so I wouldnt worry because the sun seems to have gone into hiding haha!