Friday, 13 August 2010

holiday time!

James and I are going away tomorrow :) We've been looking forward to it for ages and it's finally here...shame it'll be over in a flash. We're heading slightly north west to a place called Tighnabruaich, west of Dunoon, across from Bute, should be good! The cottage has no electricity so I have an inverter for the car so I can use my nebulisers lol. It'll be back to the olden times for us, heating the water using a log fire and getting light from oil lamps and candles, but it'll be fun, I'll just need to make sure I don't get too close to the fire or I'll be coughing like mad.

Yesterday is the first time I haven't wakened with a mega wheez in a while which was nice. I have been sleeping terribly and have this tickly feeling at the top of my's not quite the back of my throat, it's lower than that, makes me want to cough quite a bit but I'm putting it down to using nebs 3 times a day as that's quite new for me. I'm totally amazed by how well the h.saline is working, it's the first time in who knows how long that I've been able to physio properly cause it's not so sticky down there. Only thing I don't like is how long it takes my chest to settle again after it. I've been coughing on and off for a couple of hours after, still coughing up disgusting green junk. Ew. Oh, and my tummy STILL hasn't settled properly which is causing me greif and I might need to phone the nurses after my holiday to see what they suggest. If I stop my movicol I get blocked in less than a day, but if I take it regularly I'm ending up going the other way after a few days...I dunno what to do about it.

Anyway, boring stuff aside, I'm going on holiday!!!! It's finally sunny and warm so here's hoping it stays that way for at least a couple of days. I'm not gonna be chopping the wood so I actually don't care lol. It's my sisters birthday today and my mums on Monday, so we're having a BBQ tonight at mum and dads. I love scoring free dinners cause we're quite poor at the moment.

James got back into uni :) He's going to do PGDE English. This time next year he'll be a part qualified secondary english teacher :D go James! He'll make a fantastic teacher, he's basically always in teacher mode anyway, correcting everybody's grammer and spelling mistakes etc...nightmare.

I hope everyone is feeling well and enjoying life as much as possible. I know the CF community has had some losses this week which saddens me deeply, but I try not to let it get into my head too much cause I find it difficult to claw myself back when I get too down. I just hope the people left behind know how much we all want the best for them and how many people love them xxx


  1. have a good holiday, I hope its not too cold since you wont have any heating!!! xx

  2. Have a good holiday!!! :)xxxx

  3. Hope you have a lovely holiday! Just to let you know, I've awarded you a blog award! If you feel like it, pop over to my blog and pick it up :). Hope you're ok!! xx