Friday, 27 August 2010

back to band!!

I received a facebook message at the beginning of the week from my old trumpet teacher asking me to join a local wind band that he started last I went. I hadn't touched my trumpet in 5 years and was a bit concerned about how my chest would react, but it was fine, my lips died long before my chest lol. I have to say though that I'm glad I had the IVs before hand though cause thinking about how I was I know it would've been a lot harder on me.

We are playing at both the National Concert Band Festival and the Scottish Concert Band Festival, in November and December, and big Friel (or Alan, as he shall be known from now on...we used to call him Friel instead...Alan Friel, you know how it goes...) has decided that we will play 2 completely different!!! My sister joined as well. She plays French Horn and just left school so isn't nearly as out of practise as me, but I think I did ok considering.

So far we have been given 5 pieces, including a medley of songs from Wicked! SWEET! There's not much point in mentioning any other pieces as I don't know them yet and I doubt anybody else does either lol...Schostakovitch and Eric Whitacre etc, nah. Although I will say that our only slow piece so far is an absolute stunner :)

That's me, done, had my ramble about band, feel like I'm 15 again. All I need now is a residential weekend and a competition and I'll be right back there! Although I'll miss out the vodka this time cause a trip to the headteachers office is not on the cards for me now...haha, good times! Not the getting caught part, but the part before that ;)


  1. Another music nerd here!! haha! Sounds sooo awesome!! I love playing in bands! What's the Schostakovitch you'll be playing? The wicked medley thing sounds sooo good!!! Definately need to look into that one!! xx

  2. hey missus! it's Festive Overture...nightmare!!

    have you started music college yet? xx