Wednesday, 27 October 2010

boring life

Life at this time of year is boring.

Seem to spend it trying not to spend money, not that we have any, but all we do is sit in. As well as trying not to spend money, I'm trying to earn money. I haven't had a single sick day this month, woo! I've felt like crap this week but I can't phone in sick when I only have 3 shifts a week and again they're talking about cutting bank staff hours. Instead of having us in for full shifts, we'll be brought in for 4/5 hours at a time, losing most of our unsocial premium and a lot of pay in the process. To make up for that, they say I can do more days...even though I have chosen to do less days so that I can try and keep on top of everything at home as well as work, and allow sufficient rest time in between. Obviously I don't have any significant lung disease and manage pretty well as far as that's concerned, but my digestion/sinus/joint issues are also exhausting and I'm constantly worn down by pain and feeling sick. I had gastritis a couple of weeks ago which was seriously painful. I still have pain coming back every now and then but fortunately it's not constant any more and my appetite is better, but not fantastic.

I had another appointment last week at the diabetes centre. Christine, the nurse, seemed quite pleased with me. Sporadic highs but some good control too so no insulin for me yet :) I'm assuming my HbA1c result was good as she was meant to phone me but hasn't. No more appointments made either, so that's me unless things go tits up, but I think she wants me to go to the joint clinic every now and then.

I've been finding my chest to be quite unpredictable too at the moment. I seem to have a few days at a time where physio is seriously uneffective and I feel dry and don't cough...then all of a sudden I'll be coughing stuff up for days and coughing til I'm nearly sick, and sometimes I am sick...but as quick as it comes it goes again. I know there must still be stuff in there, otherwise it wouldn't be happening, but I just can't figure it out. Anyone have any ideas there? lol. One of the young men I support at work was all worried on Friday cause I couldn't stop coughing. Bless, he was telling me to get a nice warm bath when I got home and get some rest so I'd feel better, and on Monday he kept asking if I was feeling better. Now, doesn't sound significant, but if you knew this person you'd understand that, although he is caring at heart, he struggles a lot with social situations and usually prefers to make himself heard by shouting abuse and talking about bodily functions etc, so it really was unexpected and I felt terrible for causing him concern.

All that aside, our new kitten is getting crazy. He's gonna need fixed ASAP, or our flat will not cope with him, and neither will the rabbit. We had let the rabbit out with him a couple of times but she doesn't like him trying to bite and kick her face. Now, though, he has started hunting things and makes the most weird, horrible growl when he thinks he's made a kill (even though it's never something living and today was a rapper from my christmas cake lol). I doubt they'll be out together again until he's fixed which is a shame cause rabby wants out a lot so he needs shut out in the hall.

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  1. Yay for no diabetes!!!! Your cough seems to be a bit of a pain at the moment!!! Are you stil growing Pseudomonas? I'm playing a piece by Poulenc (I've completely forgotten the name of the piece which fairs well for remembering the actual music!!!) and Wedding Day by Grieg which I can use the music for luckily. Hope you're ok! xx