Friday, 19 November 2010

is this how an angry mother feels?


I'm so raging...deep inside, I can't shake it. It's always there at the moment, and it's basically because all I'm doing is running around after people and getting absolutely no thanks for it. A burning rage that is stopping me sleeping (as if I didn't have enough of a problem sleeping at the moment).

I spend my working day running around after people and getting fuck all thanks for it, then I come home and cook and clean and run around after his royal highness who can't even wash a bloody plate. I know he has a hard uni course to do, but all I'm asking is that he at least contribute to the running of this place...all he needs to do is wash the dishes, and I'm sitting here again without a single fucking clean cup, glass, plate or tea spoon, all of which there are many, cause they haven't fucking been washed.

I feed the animals, clean them out, make dinner, clean both the bathrooms, put both our rubbish in the bin (cause he's apparently allergic to putting things in the bin too), tidy, hoover...then go and do it all again at work.

The only reason I'm even mentioning it on here is cause I've done nothing but moan for days about how nothing is getting done, and its still not done...

I'm so angry I could cry...granted I'm a bit hormonal, but what female isn't.

I might as well live myself at this rate, at least then I would only have myself to blame but I would probably have a tidier house anyway.


  1. :(. Sending you massive hugs!! I don't really have anything helpful to say other than running a house isn't a one woman show. For both your happiness (and your sanity) he really should be contributing to the household. Yes he has uni but you were working all day yesterday too! It's not a one way system. My mum's attitute is "you use it, you clean it, or put it away after you've finished". Maybe a sit down and a chat with him is in order?! He's got to pull his weight a bit more by the sound of things!!!!


  2. Perhaps you need to have a talk with your partner about who does what, you shouldnt be doing everything. I dont do everything and I don't work! Pete still cooks tea at least twice a week and empties bin etc. Just because youre a woman it doesnt mean everything should fall on you and by doing it all, he is getting away with it!
    If you keep going as you are you will start to resent him and before you know you will be breaking up!
    Pete and I went through exactly the same thing when we moved in together xx

  3. You are both totally right. The only reason I wrote this was to see if it helped me get to sleep lol. We have talked about it, but perhaps not seriously enough. I will try again :)

    I feel bad for making him sound like a total pain, I was just really annoyed. It's a learned behaviour for him cause he didn't really do a lot to help out when he stayed at home, but I'm definitely not doing it all!!

    thanks girls, this must be quite a common thing I'd, pft lol xx