Wednesday, 24 November 2010

feeling a bit more positive

I'm not gonna apologise for my last blog, it helped me get to sleep that night, but I wish I hadn't let it build up so long and that I'd just talked about it before it got out of hand...I'm a nightmare for that.

Anyway, I feel a bit better this week. I was experiencing my worst PMS in a long time last week! I don't tend to get emotional now that I take evening primrose oil every day (which has been a life saver) so it came as a bit of a shock and got a bit out of control. It's also helped reduce my physical symptoms and my periods don't last as long either which is great as they were lasting 7 - 10 days for a long time.

Anyhoooo, enough about my monthlies, I have better news.

It's panto week! Tonight was the first performance and it went well...a few hic-cups, but nothing major I guess. Only problem is that where the band are sitting it's absolutely freezing, so I struggled to play properly for a while as my fingers seezed up. Anyway, tomorrow is another day and hopefully it won't be so bad. It's been -5degrees at night though and the cast keep leaving the back door open for them to smoke, and it sends a draft right into the hall, underneath the stage, and out the other end where we're sitting! So not only am I freezing but I can smell their smoke, which I hate.

I started piano teaching again last week. My first day went really well, and tomorrow is my 2nd day. I have 4 students so far, aged 8, 9, 16 and 40, so it's quite a mix! Hopefully it'll continue to go well and I'll continue to get more students...I think there were a few enquiries for block lessons as christmas presents and the likes, so maybe after christmas I'll be inundated! haha

On the health front...nothing overly exciting, just my tummy acting up as usual...might need to give the hospital a call to get in for some kleanprep, as the movicol just doesn't cut it. I've had a lot of pain today and been feeling nauseous and bleh really. There have been definite chest changes happening this year, 1 of which only became really apparent last night, and that was that the cold air made me chest really tight and I was wheezing like nothing else. Thankfully I'd lifted my inhaler incase the stage smoke irritated things, but turned out I needed it before even getting started.

Next week I hope to start my christmas shopping :) I'm really looking forward to it, I love buying presents for people, but we're on a tight budget this year, especially as James' motorbike has a puncture so needs at least 1 new tyre, and my car needs 4! Euch. I'm also due to get the car serviced and my road tax is due at the end of December...just seems like a never ending list of things to do, and just when you think you have a bit of money, something happens to use it all up again.

I really hope everyone is feeling well, thinking about you all as always! x

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  1. Wow!!!! Piano teaching sounds like it's going well! I'm thinking of starting teaching next summer. I don't have a clue where to start though but it will be good experience.

    Naughty tummy! Hopefully the hospital will sort it out for you because that just sucks majorly!!!!