Wednesday, 15 December 2010

a little ditty...

thought I'd give a quick(ish) update!

I had my work christmas night out on Friday which was pretty good, although some drama always has to happen! Thankfully I wasn't involved :) The meal was...average, nothing special, but there were 2 bands, 1 of which played motown which was awesome.

Um...I played a concert on Saturday with Stewarton Winds then went straight onto night shift. Mistake? Pretty much, I soooooooooo struggled to stay awake and really probably spent at least 2/3 hours of the shift asleep on the couch. Not good, so glad I didn't get caught lol.

On Monday, I went to Garters to see Lisa (physio) to talk through some airway clearance and get an eflow (genius btw). I hadn't received a phone call from the nurses (again) to tell me my sputum result, and even though I phoned and left a message, they never called back, so she sorted that out too. Turns out it grew aspergillus, which totally explains the increase in junk, the wheeze, the rotten cough, the tiredness, blah blah blah. They're not treating it just now though as, god only knows how, but my lung function was still stable. This always happens!! I rumble and crackle then cough like hell every day just now then go to the hospital and my chest behaves ever so well, then as soon as I was in the car home I was away with it again, coughed the whole half hour home. I still record my LF each week on a piko6 for a clinical trial and it's been kinda all over the place.

Anyway, I got some antibiotics incase the psuedo or my usual staph are kickin up a stink in there too, and got a flutter for some different physio. I really like it...not really on it's own as such, but mixed with AD and doing AD through it is good too.

Had a lovely dinner with friends tonight, and am pretty much on the go now right through til after christmas day, and I still don't have all the things I need! Euch, stress and sleepiness, can't be doing with either.

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