Saturday, 8 January 2011


I can't believe I forgot to write about the 10k in the last post! I'm shocked and horrified at myself lol.

Anyway, in about June last year my uncle Alistair told me he was going to enter the Great Scottish Run for the CF Trust...and someone suggested I do it (for a laugh) but I took them up on it and started training. When I started, I couldn't run for 2 minutes let alone for 10k, but each day on the treadmill I saw improvements in my time and started to feel much much better I suppose that I didn't even really pay attention to the classic signs of infection and figured I was just being melodramatic, but then landed up on the ward at the end of July lol. Everyone thought that was it for me and not one person expected me to say I was still doing the run. Of course I was! My main inspiration there was Kirsty, who did a 10k in May 6 months post transplant. There was absolutely no excuse for me not to do it.

Anyway, training resumed and that was it right til the 5th September when we did the run. I finished 15 minutes faster than predicted but had a serious episode of lungs closing over and couldnt breathe at all at the end, was a bit scary, but that's what happens when you push to the limit and then some. I wasn't happy at the end either, infact, I cried out of sheer exhaustion, but then obviously I started to feel proud that I'd done it. I've never been a runner, a dancer yes, but not a runner. I couldn't even do the 100m at school without jelly legs and that was when my CF was near enough symptom free apart from my tummy.

So, together my uncle Alistair and I raised just over £1000! :)

That was probably the biggest thing that happened in the year and I completely forgot to write about it.

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