Tuesday, 18 January 2011

not much to say really...

but just thought I should really update.

So, I'm now working 3 days a week teaching piano! Well, I say 3 days, but so far I'm doing an hour on Mondays, 2.5 hours on a Thursday and my 1st half hour lesson on a Saturday is happening this week. So, that's 4 hours...great, but it'll hopefully continue to grow! I'm trying to think positive, and all the signs so far are looking good.

Things at my other job aren't looking so great. There are redundancies happening within the education team, meaning that teachers and resources/curriculum coordinaters are all losing jobs, other tutors are having their hours cut, some are taking voluntary redundancy even though they don't want to, purely because they have been lucky enough to find another job (that they also don't want, but money is money!) Our unit managers had to reapply for their jobs as well and 1 position is being closed to them...they found out on Monday who was leaving but I haven't heard yet. We have at least 5 clients leaving senior campus with nobody lined up to take their place, and 1 unit on junior campus is being closed and changed to accomodate a new respite service that's going to be offered. The loss of clients means that there will be full time staff running about with nothing to do, meaning that us punters at the bottom of the chain (bank staff) will have little to no hours made available to us...they have cancelled 2 shifts for me this month already and others have unfortunately had more cancelled. Considering I'm only working there 3 shifts a week, that's a big loss for me, but at least I do technically still have my job.

Many of us are under the impression that the place is imploding...

What a ramble! Anyway, if I lose my hours at work, I really need to build up to about 25/30 students to be able to survive, so quite a way to go yet.

Stressful and completely depressing times at work, the atmosphere is understandably horrific.

Everything else is as was really, except our flat is TIDY!!! WOOHOO!! who would have thought it would take us over a year to really move in lol, and we might be moving again come June/July, depending where James is sent for his probationary year. Sake lol.

Anyway, enough rambling


  1. You're doing really well with the piano students! Work sounds a bit stressful though! I played the first movement of the mouvement perpetuales. It's fairly easy but I had to memorise it and it's so repetitive that it was perfect for a memory piece. My friend played the flute sonata and I love it!!! It's so wrong sounding it sounds right! I don't know the clarinet one- I'm off to look it up!


  2. Once you secure a couple of students, you'll have them come flooding in. Well done!
    Sorry to hear about things on the job front, times are hard at the moment for everyon.

    Yay for a clean flat, I don't whether I should admit to this or not... we still have stuff in a few boxes in our loft from move day.

    Problem is, we've been here 11 years!!! Ooops xxx