Friday, 4 November 2011

Why does it have to be so difficult to claim benefits?

The last month or so have been a nightmare. To start with I decided I didn't want to be signed off work completely (because what am I supposed to do of  a day when there's nobody around) so that meant I wouldn't qualify for ESA, and I don't want it anyway, but that means claiming job seekers allowance and going in to the job centre every 2 weeks to "sign on". Joy. Anyway, finally that has been sorted and I'm starting to get a little money through from that (I don't qualify for the full amount because I do some work, but only about 8-10 hours a week). The worst part of it all is that I have been told I need to reapply for another benefit which will hopefully pull in a bit more money. I've been led on the last month that it was all being organised, when actually the council don't have any application on record. I have bills coming out my ears, including tax and national insurance bills of around £600 and hardly a penny to my name.

I'm completely stressed out about this and even cried this morning after coming off the phone from the council.   I've always tried my best to keep on top of bills and, even though I do owe money on store/credit cards, I've always tried to at least pay the minimum each month. Problem is that I have to prioritize my rent and council tax, which leaves other things behind. I feel guilty when I have to buy food or petrol cause I know there are bills to pay. Nobody seems to want to help.

Euch, anyway, just need somewhere to moan seen as everyone is at work.

I feel so alone in trying to deal with all this. James has fun with his friends in Arran and I've not seen any of my friends for weeks and weeks. It's not his fault, my few friends around this area all work and my best friend is in Georgia, after spending a year in South Korea.

It makes me feel like I'm not moving forward at all. I have a few more piano students but it's like, an hour here an hour there, and just getting frustrated with everything.

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  1. You can get incapacity benefit and still work less than 16 hours a week, thats what I do, so might be worth looking in to as IB or ESA as its called now is higher! Sorry if the ESA rules are different, not been moved to it yet!
    Have you got a reduction on your council tax because of your disability? You can get your tax band reduced if you have a treatment room or if you are in the lowest band can get a 25% reduction xx