Wednesday, 21 March 2012

the heart wants what the heart wants

and mine wants to rewind to this morning when I was feeling pretty good, everyone was cheery and well and all I had to think about was how I was gonna cash the money the jobcentre sent me as a cheque instead of paying into my account like they have done since November.

My little bundle of fluff, Coco the rabbit, is no longer with us. I'm absolutely devastated. She was bright as a button this morning, ate all her food, jumped up as usual for a rub when I went in with her morning bowl. I came home tonight, after being out shopping all day with mum, and she was barely clinging on to life :( I just knew that she was dying and unfortunately when I got to the out of hours vet, she agreed with me and we decided it was best to put her to sleep. She wasn't going to live til the morning, her breathing was poor and she could barely move. Normally, she would've kicked up a fuss about me picking her up, but I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket and lay her on the passenger seat of the car and she didn't move :(

She was 6 years old and just the most happy, cute little drama queen. I'm so gonna miss her grunting from behind the couch.

Love you wee darling xx

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  1. Oh Ruth :( That must have been so awful. I can't imagine how I'd cope if we lost our cats- they're our life. It's amazing how much impact our animals can have on our lives.

    Yup I'm PS- for now anyway. I was diagnosed with asthma then bronchiectasis as they didn't know why I was so ill with "asthma" so they shoved me in a CT scanner and saw the state of my puffers. Then they suspected CF and ran sweat tests (I'd had several of them when I was little and they were fine) and genotyping. My sweat tests came back positive then they found one CF mutation and voila, firm CF diagnosis. I'm so small because all my energy goes into breathing. I'm deficient in the A,D,E,K vitamins though so we knew I malabsorb to some extent. So yup, I'm a weird one :s.

    Sending hugs for you.