Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just had to post this cause I thought it was amusing. I did a blow on the piko6 I was given as part of the run in study (gene therapy) in Edinburgh (which I was allowed to keep as not going on to drug trial), and it said I blew an fev1 of 4.71 litres and an fev6 of 9.36 litres! LMAO. Nice try, piko, but you're a complete liar. Even if my lungs were perfect the predicted fvc is only about 3.1 litres lol.

Anyway, as for me, I'm LOVING the weather and dreading the weekend cause it looks like it's to go back to "average" temperatures for March. Boo. So yes, dug out a maxi dress yesterday and a wee playsuit today. Why not make the most of probably the only decent weather Scotland will see this year.

Health wise I'm alright I think. Been battling 4 weeks of oral thrush which seems to finally be calming down. Don't think I could handle many more weeks of antifungals but needs must. My chest is a lot more productive than my normal but it's mostly white/yellow apart from the odd plug. Although, having said that, I still think of my normal as not productive because I was clear for so many years with all the exercise and singing/trumpet I did. I've been productive most days for about 2 years now but not really to this extent. Cough is sounding gross.

Kinda takes away from feeling sexy when you end up bent double trying not to puke lol.

Anyway, bitch moan, can't be bothered typing any more, going out for some sun!


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