Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I'm getting so excited now!

Honeymoon is booked, I've nearly finished making the invitations, the application for temporary approval of our venue is almost complete and sent off (not that that means it'll be approved...but it better be!) and I spent this morning looking at shoes for the bridesmaids, jewellery for me and organising who needs hair appointments and the list for hen do (whatever we're doing, apparently I'm not allowed to know! nightmare).

I've basically just spent the last week or so completely throwing myself into planning, and my Mum and I are taking part of each Wednesday to organise things because we are both off work.

Everything else is just kinda as it was, nothing much to report to be honest.

The only thing I will say is that Booiaka is much more demanding on the lungs than Zumba...either that I am just a lot more used to Zumba. I went to a brand new Booiaka class, which is run by my Zumba instructor, and it really was great fun, but very long, not technically difficult for me because of my dance background, but boy did I find it a struggle. It frustrates me because I used to dance 5 or 6 days a week and found it easy. Obviously I was breathless but that's normal during exercise. It's fairly obvious that I'm a heck of a lot more breathless than everybody else but thankfully I can still recover fairly quickly. I think though that it's probably a combination of things, like having crappier lungs, pushing myself to my limit and beyond (cause I'm stubborn like that) and the hot sticky air in the room.

But, I would highly recommend it. It is nothing like Zumba really, but is similar in the sense that you get out of it what you put in. Both could be a walk in the park to somebody who is fit, but if you really give 100%+ then you will feel the benefit and hopefully find it really fun. I have pain in muscles I barely knew existed, or that I thought only existed to aid my coughing lol.

So...I haven't got round to making this private yet, I have the list of email addresses I just can't be bothered getting it from the living room, so next couple of days I'll get it done. If you want to stay and haven't already done so just send me your email address.



  1. This is so exciting!!! Your wedding is getting really close now! I've not heard of Booiaka. Haha I'm exactly the same as you- push myself far too hard. Until someone else tells me stop or slow down, I'll keep trying to push through :D Stubborness is a good asset to have sometimes!


  2. OoOo wedding stuff is soo exciting! I know nothing about my hen night either but it's all planned lol! I go through stages of getting loads done then have a quiet while then panic and get loads more done again! x

  3. It must be so fun organising your wedding! You're so great that you exercise like that, I do a little bit but I'm just so lazy sometimes haha! By the way my email address is xxx