Thursday, 21 February 2013

bye bye IVs!

IVs finished on Tuesday, yay, and got my line out today! My lung function was back up to what it was over Christmas which is good news, and almost up to my best reading in a year. Nobody could shed any more light on the bleeding, as nothing has really changed apart from the return of staphylococcus. After not growing it for around a year and stopping flucloxacillin in August (I thought I stopped it in October, but nevermind!) I have had 2 samples with a heavy growth (December and pre-IV). Sake. Dr was fairly insistent that I don't start back on fluclox though because of the bother I have with thrush, so we're just hoping at the moment that I'll manage without it.

I was really impressed with my numbers today because I've had some pain and a bit of a cold over the last few days but must not be on my chest this time.

I even managed to gain 0.7kg which is unheard of on IVs. I always seem to lose weight on them but I didn't have so much nausea this time so managed to eat like a complete pig and James kept buying me jelly babies and cakes, as did mum!

Next week we are hoping to have our house valued. I'm dreading it because our ability to buy it is based purely on how much they say it's worth :/

Work is going reasonably well. Feel a bit bored again and can't wait for the kids' exams to be over cause I'm sick listening to the pieces (regardless of how well they play them)! I'm anticipating a distinction and a merit for my grade 1s, although if the 2nd was to get distinction too I'd be over the moon! Only other exam this time round is a prep test, which doesn't get graded :)

BTW, stuff getting an epidural put in! I'm watching a midwifery program, apologies, and that looked painful.

I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, emotionally, and I am seriously enjoying seeing some sunshine :D

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