Monday, 22 March 2010


So, today I went to my appointment with Lisa in the physio department. Fun times! She's too nice for her own good.

We talked about a lot of stuff, and basically we reckon I'll be referred to rheumatology for pain management. I've got splints again for my wrists but don't feel the need to use them yet. Pretty poor show when you can't lift up a carton of milk though so I'll be keeping them close at hand. She's gonna ask the docs about getting me on DNase or hypertonic saline, and I've to try and up my hypertonic saline sinus neb to twice a day so that my morning symptoms *hopefully* reduce. Aaaaaaaaand, she's gonna push for me to get an OGTT and I need to speak to Diane, the dietician, about adjusting my diet so that my sugars don't drop...which reminds me, I need to send her my food/symptoms/enzymes diary!! Woops.

All in all quite a productive day. Considering the last time I talked about all these things the Dr did nothing about it apart from give me augmentin which then gave me hideous thrush, I'm quite pleased!!

Here's hoping the nurses phone me to make an appointment tomorrow.

As an aside, they're not gonna make another referral to the East Ayrshire Council health and fitness programme at the moment because I've not to do any weight bearing exercise! fun, gonna dig out my yoga mat and DVD haha

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