Monday, 14 June 2010

10k and then some

I signed up for the Great Scottish Run 10k. Feel slightly more insane every time I say it lol, but I really need a goal to motivate me into the gym. I'm sure I would go to the gym anyway, I'm gonna be writing it into my diary each week, but having a proper goal and raising money at the same time will make it even more worthwhile.

I also started the hypertonic saline sinus neb again today cause my sinuses are like a non stop stream of grossness. Had a little bit of blood but I think it might be more to do with it making me blow my nose more and it putting pressure on the blood vessels, as opposed to the saline causing irritation...but I could be wrong. Lisa (physio) said it should be ok to go ahead with it again but I've stayed off the nasonex. It's rubbish anyway.

I have the dentist today too. I've been trying to get there since February so didn't hesitate to cancel todays shift when I got the appointment through lol. A wee day off is nice too, but having said that, after tomorrow I'm off (Daldorch) for a week, but I'll need to phone Moorpark and try for weekend nights I think. The money and the fact that James is nights there at the weekend will make it easier to force myself to do it. Hate nights though :(


  1. WOAH!! Go you for the 10k! I could never do it!! My sinuses have been crap the last week or so too!! Hope The HT saline does the trick!! Xx

  2. Woweee
    Good luck for it and keep us posted on how you think you're going! I feel very proud of you right now :)