Sunday, 27 February 2011

I have my ring back!

I promised pictures, so here goes :)



So happy to have it now, I'd been missing it all week lol. My Dad took these photos on his camera that Mum bought him for his 50th in October, it's an amazing piece of kit.

Engagement/wedding chat aside, my tummy is giving me serious pain problems, it's beginning to really really try my patience. All this messing around with my creon dosage is getting to me because I still don't know what the correct dose is and it's been a year since we started with it all :( I woke during the night on Friday in agony and had to get up for pain relief and lots of movicol, which didn't kick in til Saturday afternoon, and now I'm in a lot of pain again tonight. Pft.

Not really sure about everything else, can't really think of anything interesting to say!

Lots of potential music project ideas floating about at the moment, but I will expand on them if and when they take off x


  1. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!! :D


  2. Beautiful! Hope the pain subsides. I never know if I'm taking the right dose of Creon either

  3. pretty ring :o) congratulations xx

  4. I LOVE your ring, it's beautiful!!

    Boo hiss to the tummy issues, sophs are never ending & she's bloody pancreatic sufficient! Go figure!

    Hope you sort it out hun xx