Thursday, 3 March 2011

sharing the love...

of piano.

I got some new sheet music through this week and I have to tell you all how much I'm loving having a challenge again. I had looked at the pieces a little in my last year at the RSAMD but I was concentrating on accompaniment and chamber music then so never took them very seriously.

Anyway, they are Schumann's "Papillons" and Schubert's "Fantasy in C Major". The Fantasy is 30 pages long and is very difficult, especially for someone like me who has tiny fingers! Damn composers with big hands. Papillons is not so difficult but is beautiful and really fun to play. I enjoyed listening to a girl on my course playing it in a performance class which is why I started looking at it.

I feel now that I am teaching and getting back into my music life that I should be spending more money on sheet music and more time practicing! What's the point in me getting on at students for not doing enough practice when I maybe play once a, it seems wrong to me.

My poor wee Granny passed away a year ago today. Love to you Gran!


  1. Big fan of sharing the piano love!!! I avoid Schumann because my hands are ridiculously small. I have the same size hands as my 10 year old cousin and I can *just* reach an octave. It's a pain in the arse when I try and play big stuff like Rachmaninoff!


  2. lol Gem, I'm EXACTLY the same. I've spent the last few years trying to get more stretch and can now get just over an octave but my hands are killing after playing if there are too many stretches.

    Papillons isn't too bad for stretches actually, it's only really number 11 that's got a lot of stretching, but the Schubert is hellish and fast, bad combo!