Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Woops! Blog has kinda been abandoned, but it's always a good sign! Things have been busy busy busy lately.

We have been delivering invites for our engagement party on the 21st May and I even have my dress already! Super exciting. We also went out in Glasgow with friends on Saturday night to celebrate. Lots of people turned up (way more than I expected!) and we had a really great time. I did feel a bit rough on Sunday but I guess that's to be expected when you drink all night, even if you do go to bed relatively sober.

On Friday, there was an opening/networking night at the shop I teach from. It was fab! Lots more people than expected again, and lots of business gained. The owners organised a raffle for the CF Trust, and as the night went on it turned out there were 3 people with CF in the shop. One guy I already knew about as we went to paeds together, but the other guy is older than me and although I've seen him in the shop a few times for lessons etc, I didn't know he had CF. The raffle alone raised £200 for the Trust, so that's fantastic.

I'm starting 2 new students on Monday, so that's me up to 14 now! Woop! Hopefully they keep coming and I can kick my other job up the butt. Unfortunately, I'm 1 of the 56 people being ear-marked for move up to junior campus, and if I don't go I'll get paid less! Hate financial black mail, it's ridiculous! Why work hard for a qualification just to be put down for it. So there's a lot of bad feeling at work just now, and I'm, quite frankly, completely sick of it! I only do 24 hours a week there, but if I stay I'd need to up my hours, which just wont be happening. I have no time as it is!

I'm off just now, as I've done in my shoulder. I don't know how, but I have a history of injuring myself in my sleep, so I'm putting it down to be being incapable of sleeping like a normal person. My shoulders do get extremely sore during the night, as I tend to lie on my side, so during the night I have been sliding down the bed, off my pillows, and lying on my back, which results in James waking up cause my breathing gets laboured and he pushes me in the side to make me roll over! Unfortunately the other night, I had just wakened cause my chest was rattling, then he pushed me in the side and it was sorer than I expected. He said I sounded like I was struggling. Yeh, cause doing that is really gonna help! lol.

Anyway, bit of a ramble, but that's why I chose the name of my blog lol. Hope everyone is doing ok x

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  1. Wow you've been busy!!! You're doing really well with the number of students. Fingers crossed the number will keep growing :D xxx