Wednesday, 26 May 2010

annual review...

Yesterday was annual review day. Everything seems fine, my lung function is back up to 3.16 FEV and 3.52 FVC which is marv. I did see my sats down to 93 for the first time though which was kinda odd, but they went back up to 97/98 then just bounced around while I was doing the exercise tollerance test, but mainly stayed at 96/97 which is good too. I've to have a review of my meds next time I'm in cause I think the doc just couldn't be bothered yesterday. She says I'm taking the wrong dose of fluclox, but I've been taking the same dose for yeeeeeeeeeears and she was a bit baffled that I'm still on vits A, D and E and not on multivits...*shrugs* She also said I'm getting lazy cause I feel a bit breathless and light headed at the top of the 2 flights of stairs into my flat, but if my sats are dropping and then recovering quickly it could well be that...or maybe I am just lazy. Can't wait to get this fitness regime started next week.

My fingernails have gone kinda weird. I don't have clubbing but I've developed raised portions in the middle of my nails and it looks like there are horizontal thought it might be mineral deficiency and I wonder about my iron levels cause I'm constantly knackered.

I got my urology appointment sorted and I'm desperate for my sinuses to stop hurting :( I love that my lungs are good but I hate the pain I get with all the other things. It makes me kinda down sometimes, but I've gotta be happy for the good things, and I am.

There are other things on my mind, but they will be staying in my head just now. I'm not having another fall out over what I write in this thing, even though it's supposed to be a place for me to vent and not care what people think...but no, I'm not even allowed that.


  1. That's why I don't give out the address of this blog to my friends and family. A place for me to share things with you guys :)

  2. :) I will be keeping it that way I think, and be keeping it password protected cause of people looking at it while using my laptop

  3. ohh dear, not sure whats gone on but hope you can let it all out again soon. Glad teh lf is lookin good :)
    And I have a deep horizontal ridge across my nails but only on my thumbnails! keep forgetting to ask what it could be. perplexing!

  4. glad the r/v was overall quite good - agree about sinuses though, it is a complete pain (literally!) you could put invite thing on blog if you want to keep it more private for venting :-)